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Measure Success

Measure Success


How does a writer measure success? The easy answer is in number of books sold. After all, that is what the publishers look for and what they return to for a second book or more. What about those writer’s that aren’t yet published? Well, you have to take your successes

Butterfly Vs. Fate

Butterfly vs. Fate


This little beauty of a blog post is one I wrote about 6 years ago. I still think about the situation now. Amid this self-quarantine time of the 2020 COVID-19 crisis, I figured I would share a more entertaining story instead of a structured lesson or tips-and-tricks style blog post

Synopsis Writing

Will You Synopsis Me, Please?


I have covered the topic of the all mighty synopsis a few times. Yet, I find that this lingering evil needs more exposure. Overcoming fear by acclimation, I suppose. How does one go about a synopsis though? I know some people that will write the story synopsis first, others will

Publish or Kill

To Be Professional, or Just Kill People


Be a Published Pro or Be a Person Who Just Sits Around and Kills People? That is the question, isn’t it? The published writing industry is all about who you know, or who knows you. What is a little boy from a small farm town in Texas going to do

Synopsis Query Hook

A Synopsis, After A Query, Starting With a Hook


Write me a synopsis. But first, write me a query. Make sure you start your query letter with a hook. Writing about what you have written about makes as much sense as skinning a lion before it is dead. Synopsis, Query, Hook; Oh My! Aspiring and emerging authors alike must

Read Out Loud

Why You Should Read Your Work Out Loud


As writers, we tend to have this belief in ourselves that can only come from the inside. Our internal voice has a tendency to tell us what we want to hear. It is a great thing. That little voice inside that tells us “You can do it, this is fantastic,
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