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Research: The Conundrum


Research is touchy. Especially for writers. Women don’t like to feel made a fool of, or gullible. Men know everything and want to prove it. Readers, in general, don’t like being data dumped upon. There is a fine line between knowing the topic and making sure everyone knows you know

The Meaning of Writhe


As we slide into darkness, I will remind you that the “My Writing” Category contains posts and sections that are more about me, at least on some level. By reading these posts, you can get a better glimpse into the man that is writing to you, why he writes, how

Happy Holidays and a Brand New Year 2020!


Greetings fellow writers and authors! Today will be a brief post concerning the current status of the site. I’ll also explain how I plan to welcome in the new year. Let’s start off by celebrating the season as it comes to a close. I do hope that you all have

Find the Insanity


Find Your Insanity, Learn to Teter on That Edge If you want to be a successful writer there are a million things you should know. You have to know about style, voice, character development. A writer has to know how to research and discover and learn new things. You have

Early to Bed, Early to Rise… Unless You’re a Writer


I don’t LIke Writing Schedules or Any Schedules I’m not sure about the rest of you, but for me, schedules have never really been my “thing”. Sure, I can follow a schedule, for instance, I had a schedule when I worked a day job: Show up at 8, work all

Creating Characters, Building Lives


Creating characters isn’t just about putting a name to some random text speaking entity. As the author, you play God. You breathe life into these paper dolls. More goes into even that though, at least for me. When I first started writing seriously-meaning other than poetry and short stories about