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Setting a Scene


Setting the scene is as important as creating real-to-life characters. It is an art form and you are the artist. As an artist, we have a plethora of ways to interact with those that wish to be entertained. We act, we draw, we paint, we write, we tell stories or

Archetype or Arc?


Story Arc and Archetype, Explained Today I will discuss story arc and story archetype. Wait. I hear you say. Aren’t they the same thing? I mean, arc is just an abbreviation of archetype, right? Well… no. They do have some similarities, but they are not the same thing. What is

Voice, On!


Voice is imperative. It’s essential. It is everything. It is quite possible to have one of the greatest storylines ever created, the vast lands, the adorable and lovable characters, the perfect plot twists and the greatest ending ever penned by man. However, without the right voice, the story won’t flow,

Writer’s Block Doesn’t Exist??


First and foremost, please forgive any semblance of attitude this post may bear. I have been taken out of my sorts by a recent article I read. In short: it pissed me off. I will not link to this article nor merit its existence in any other way except to

Give Driving Directions


Long ago I learned a valuable life lesson: Not everyone gives good directions, not everyone receives directions well. You can Learn Writing Lessons From Life As I was just starting out driving (I told you it was long ago), I didn’t really understand. Then I got lost. I had to

Why Do I Write?


I Don’t Write I don’t. It’s the simple truth. I don’t write screenplays and novels. I give life to them. It’s not merely putting pen to paper, I breathe life into a non-existent void. I expand realms of desire and practicality and push the void of predetermined physics. I don’t