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Dreams are not Goals

Dreams Are Meant to Die


It starts in childhood. Dreams while you sleep, dreams during school, dreams of the future and the girl with the pink bowed pony tail. Dreams never really end. They do change shape as we age, but they never die. What do YOU want to be when you grow up? Or

Invest in You

Investing in myself


Investing in Myself I originally wrote this post to myself on a private blog back in 2014. Times have changed, and I am much better now. With the recent release of my Get Organized and Stay Productive PDF, I felt it was time to bring back some of the memories

Get Organized and Stay Productive

How to Get Organized, Be Productive, Overcome Struggles


Get Organized! Boost Productivity! Overcome Struggles! Meet me out back for the best deals! Does this sound like some sales pitch? It should. I’m trying to sell you some good shit. No need to meet behind a convenience store and swap brown paper bags, though. What I have to sell

Hemingway and Other Things

Hemingway and Other Things You Shouldn’t Talk About


Hemingway Said, You Do Not Talk About Writing Rule number one: You do not talk about writing. Rule number two: You do NOT talk about writing! I always picture Brad Pitt walking around telling a group of authors all the rules before a furious word slinging writers event, in some

Doing Your Research

Research: The Conundrum


Research is touchy. Especially for writers. Women don’t like to feel made a fool of, or gullible. Men know everything and want to prove it. Readers, in general, don’t like being data dumped upon. There is a fine line between knowing the topic and making sure everyone knows you know

Slide into Darkness

The Meaning of Writhe


As we slide into darkness, I will remind you that the “My Writing” Category contains posts and sections that are more about me, at least on some level. By reading these posts, you can get a better glimpse into the man that is writing to you, why he writes, how
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