Extra Draft Master Class: The Details

The Extra Draft Master Class – What Exactly Is It?

Master Class

The Extra Draft (TED) is a master class I have developed teaching all writers (and readers) the in-depth writing method I have dubbed the “5-Draft Method.”

You may have seen my 5-draft method on various platforms over the years including Wattpad and others.  However, I have always left things out because it would take so long to do a complete workup.

You see, there are things in the 5-Draft Method I just couldn’t put into written words without spending a great deal of time confusing you.

So, I thought to myself, “Self, don’t write it, say it.” And thus, TED was born.

What is the TED Master Class, then?

TED takes the 5-Draft Method and explains every nuance and detail in a video learning course that is designed to be better than all the others.

I have taken a lot of video courses, and seminars and workshops for writing and one thing stands out time and again: Everyone wants to talk AT you while trying to sell you more shit.
This isn’t the way to go. You see, I feel that as a writer, we are people first and should be treated as such. The only real option to solve this is to sell myself out for a personal one on one workshops, but that just isn’t feasible.

So I have developed a method to create a video course that talks TO you, instead of AT you. Believe me, there is a shit ton of difference, too.

Enter: TED

One thing that has stood out to me over the years of learning this craft is that those “in the know” don’t give two fucks about you.

Writing is a lonely endeavor and you will spend a lot of time by yourself. It is just the nature of the beast. Maybe we all become a little reclusive, or hermit-like. I am not sure. But it stands out that those “millionaire authors” that hold classes and “give back” have forgotten where they came from.

More likely they were never there in the first place. I hated this approach. You watch the videos, you listen to the lectures and if you are lucky enough you walk away with a few nuggets of new information.

What you won’t walk away with though, is a feeling of belonging. You won’t think to yourself: “Man, this guy… he really gets me.” This is important shit, people.

Without that feeling, it’s just a talking head leading you on. They tell you how they did it, with no comparison to your life, your struggles. They simply don’t care about you.

The Extra Draft Cares

It is easy to say and harder to do. In a world of instant gratification and “me-first” thinking, caring about the success of others is hard. I care. I probably care too much.

If I never sell another word in my life, I will still be the first one in line at your book signing to shake your hand and congratulate you. (You better send me invites!)

This, I believe, is the difference in this course and all the rest. I could pay some high profile writer thousands of dollars to make a video for me to sell to you. I won’t though; because they wouldn’t care.

They would read from the script, drink all the beer and leave, not give a fuck if you ever even watched their video. Why should they? They got paid, a deal is a deal.

I want you to succeed. I want you to grow as a writer and I want you to sell more books than you can shake the proverbial stick at. Most importantly though, I want you to write words you are proud of.

So How Does It Work?

It is a simple process really:

  • Sign up for the course
  • Watch the videos
  • Download the homework and assignments
  • Complete the assignments and turn them in
  • Learn how to craft a novel
  • Be proud of yourself and push others to succeed as well
Sign Up For The Course

This is obviously Step One. You create your account, you pay the fee and you log in to the class.

Wait, where is the sign-up? I hear you asking. Well, I haven’t made it that far yet. Realize that I am only one man. I am doing the best I can and working as fast as I can.

It takes time. Each video has to be recorded, re-recorded, edited, tested, uploaded, tested again, checked for cross-browser compatibility. I don’t have a team; I have myself.

The course is about to start Phase One of Alpha testing. Once Alpha testing is over we will move to Beta testing in a soft open enrollment. Once those tests are completed, then we will have the grand opening: Full Enrollment.

Watch The Videos

Each lesson will have a video that will discuss with you (not at you) that particular topic. Watch it. Watch it again and take notes, watch it a third time.

Whatever works best for you. We will have writers that will blaze through each video in one sitting and others will watch one video a week. It is up to you. That is the beauty of these classes: it’s all at your pace.

Download The Homework and Assignments

Most of the video sections will have some form of assignment, handout, downloadable content, etc. that will further explain that video topic. You click the link, download the content (usually in PDF format) and complete the assignment.

Most of these will just be quick little homework tasks for you to do as you go about your day. However, I highly recommend that you do them. If you are serious about writing a novel (or screenplay or ebook…), you should put all of your efforts into the coursework.

Complete the Assignments and Turn Them In

You will be given an area to post or submit your work for review by others. I will personally check each one, although I may not be able to comment on all of them.

Your peers and others that have gone before you will be the largest base of support and feedback. However, if I notice you are tending to go off track, I may come in and put you back the right direction.

You should also read the works of others, provide your own feedback and support.

Learn How to Craft a Novel

What I will NOT do is promise you a lucrative career in writing. That is not my promise to make.

What I will promise you though, is that if you put in the time and effort and follow the 5-draft method (in all its glory) and, honestly, give it your best effort, then you WILL have a completed novel.

It really is that simple. Log in, follow along, learn, get feedback and help others, join a community of like-minded individuals, and write a novel.

How badass is that?

Be Proud of Yourself and Push Others to Succeed as Well

Let me tell you one thing right now, kids: Writing “The End” on your novel is one of the greatest feelings you can ever have. Seriously. It is a rush, an excitement and a powerful motivator to do even more.

When you make it to that point (and you will!), you will know what I mean.
I, and the community we build here will all be behind you clapping and jumping up and down and hoo-raying you to no end.

Just as you will do for others when they get to write those two words for themselves.

So no more excuses. No more what-ifs. The only thing stopping you is you. Stop letting yourself be your own worst enemy. Sign up, learn new writing techniques, make new friends and have the time of your life doing what you love: writing!

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