Fading Starlight: One of Our Own Does it Again

Samantha Heuwagen is set to release the second book in her Starless Series. She stopped by to answer questions for the podcast, give you some insight into the book and to tell you all about the much-anticipated release of Book 2: Fading Starlight.

Fading Starlight

The Starless Series

If you are unfamiliar with Samantha Heuwagen, shame on you! Based in Atlanta, this bilingual sex therapist, activist and general wonderful person has also written a few books.

She has also found time in her busy-wonderful life to contribute Q&A sessions to the 5-Draft Method Video course. She promises to stop in from time to time on the course forums, too!

This week, we pause our lessons to celebrate the release of the second book in her Starless Series: Fading Starlight; the follow up novel to the best selling Dawn Among the Stars.

Fading Starlight

Set for release in June (17th of 2019), the sequel continues the saga of three humans thrust into an intergalactic war between two alien races. One, on our side, fighting to save us from utter destruction.

Not-so-hidden is the real message of the series: surviving mental health issues. Dawn Among the Stars had a thorough and captivating message that leads up to the struggles of the second book.

In her books, Heuwagen attempts to bring to light the topics we don’t talk about, but need to. It is her mission to help those that struggle with, are affected by or come into contact with others who are affected with mental health and survivor issues.

Starting the conversation is the first step in her main goal and her message is heard loud and clear:

“I love the fact that the author addresses mental illness in a genre where that seems to be missing. She has done an excellent job of creating healthy relationships and was accurate in her portrayal of what it’s like to deal with chronic anxiety. “

Amazon Review

“The way the author subtly incorporates feminism, mental health, and equality issues is truly inspiring and speaks toward a better future.”

Amazon Review

“The author does a phenomenal job of highlighting mental health in a very real and authentic way and showing women empowerment and how women can save the world from an alien invasion with courage, strength, and compassion if you haven’t read the book you need to.”

Amazon Review

What’s Next For the Series?

When Dawn left off, we knew there would be more! Samantha is a queen of cliff hanger endings (and quite proud of it!). She left us breathless for over a year and in less than 3 weeks (as of this writing) we can finally exhale.

Fading Starlight will take you on an emotional journey, through tougher mental health and sexual awareness issues and drop us off, once again, over that proverbial cliff.

Not only is Fading Starlight a must read, Samantha Heuwagen is an author we don’t deserve to have, but are lucky we do.

“Can they save Earth, or is this just the beginning of the end?”

Follow the series this week and listen to the podcast as we sit down and chat with Samantha. Warning: the podcast is explicit, can be a trigger for sexual assault and is chock-full of great writing tips. And of course over an hour with Mrs. Heuwagen! Be sure to check it out!

If you want to learn more about Samantha, Dawn Among the Stars or Fading Starlight follow these links:

Site | Instagram | Facebook | Dawn Among the Stars | Fading Starlight

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