Freebie Friday is Dead

Freebie Friday, what was it? Where did it go? Why is it gone? What’s next?

Here, I will explain the whole mindset and process behind Freebie Friday and why I killed it.

Freebie Friday is Dead

What Was Freebie Friday?

In the beginning, when Extra Draft was still a baby, I wanted to offer a free video course. I figured it would allow the visitors a chance to see how the paid courses would work, as well as get a feel for my talking and writing style.

I also thought that it would help writers that maybe just had a question about a specific topic. Perhaps it would grow into something great, which it did, and that is why I had to kill it.

The Freebie Friday video course was just as it sounds, a free video course provided onsite, for free, giving tips and help to aspiring writers. A new episode scheduled for release every Friday, hence the name.

Where Did Freebie Friday Go?

After a lot of deliberation and after-thought, I decided that another video course would be too much trouble. Not that I didn’t want to do it, but handling production and recording of 4 other courses was just a bit much to handle for a weekly schedule.

I then decided that I would use the concept for the new podcast I was making. The original idea for the podcast was also a “how-to” of sorts but only for novel writing. I put the two ideas together and created the Freebie Friday Podcast.

For 2 months the podcast went… decent. I was still green and hearing those early episodes now makes me blush and cringe. It’s all a learning curve, though and I went through mine (still am, many would say).

After episode 8, the entire site went through the first metamorphosis. During this process, I realized the potential for the podcast and wanted to do even more with it. It became a thing of its own and needed a change as well.

I went from producing new episodes once a week (on Friday) to releasing new episodes on Wednesdays with the understanding that special episodes could be posted and brought in at any time. Having a podcast with Friday in the title, being released on Wednesday, just seemed silly to me.

So I changed the name. I also changed the artwork. I am now in the process of creating better background music for it as well. Lots of change. It continues to grow, so does this site, the courses and myself as a writer. It is all extremely exciting.

What’s Next, Then?

I would like to introduce you to A Scribe’s Scribbles Podcast. What was once (for two short months) the Freebie Friday Podcast escaped from the cacoon and emerged as something wonderful and beautiful.

The podcast now has its own place on the site, full transcriptions, a place in all podcast listening services and a spot in many people’s playlists.

It will only get bigger from here.

A Scribe’s Scribbles details things I think are important to writing as a whole. Be it novels, movies, TV, copywriting, ghostwriting… if it deals with words, their structure, use and functionality, it will find its way into the cast.

So now that you know, head over to the podcast page and have a listen. You may just learn something you didn’t even know you didn’t know.

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