Journal: Decoded, Online, Piece by Piece

Journal: Decoded – Now Online for FREE! But, there is a catch.

Some of you may be aware that my novel, Journal: Decoded has been finished and finalized and edited and re-finished a few times over.

Journal: Decoded - Now Online
Find Journal: Decoded Online over at Twitter!

I will be doing a complete rewrite going in a whole new direction. However, I couldn’t just waste this version of the book. Instead of agents and publishers and the like, I have decided to post the novel online. For free. With one catch…

What’s the Catch Already?

If you decide to read it, you will have to read it backward. From ending to beginning. A sentence or two at a time.

Sound crazy? Head over to @BookReverse on Twitter to check it out. I decided that since Twitter posts the tweets in reverse order then I would counter that by posting in reverse order myself.

Now the story will read top to bottom, in order. If you want to follow along and read the book in reverse, please do so! Click the follow button and have a gander. Or, click the follow button and wait. When I have completed posting the tome you can then read it, in full, top to bottom without missing a thing.

This Isn’t a One Day Project

With 83,000 words, posting Journal: Decoded will take a while. However, I have noticed that the story is quite an interesting read when done backward. You find yourself wondering what happened instead of what will happen.

The horror is still there and the suspense is even more heightened if that was even possible.

Stop on over to Twitter, follow, and share and like your favorite bits! I’ll see you over there!

Also note: For those of you joining the 5-Draft Method Online Video Course, this rough draft version of the novel will be a part of several homework assignments. Check it out, bookmark the site and get ready for a wild ride!

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