Happy Holidays and a Brand New Year 2020!

Greetings fellow writers and authors! Today will be a brief post concerning the current status of the site. I’ll also explain how I plan to welcome in the new year.

Let’s start off by celebrating the season as it comes to a close. I do hope that you all have a wonderful winter festival! And that you spent time with those you love (either real family and friends, or the ones you created on paper). It is time for us to usher in the new year and look ahead at 2020.

New Year 2020
How do you celebrate the start of a new year?

2020 – The Year of Focus

Personally, 2020 will be the year of focus. I have a lot of drive, motivation, and excitement about what the year will bring. I do hope that your projects and personal goals are also met with the same enthusiasm.

For this site, the biggest change is that Season 2 of A Scribe’s Scribbles podcast will begin on January 8th. The time off between seasons was a lot longer than I had anticipated, but I feel it was well worth it. There will be a slightly new format, a lot more interviews and together, we will build a great source of writing, copywriting, and work from home information.

Class Begins!

As you may or may not know, there is also a Character Interview sheet in the shop for $5. This PDF contains a long questionnaire that will help you build your characters in a way that brings them to life for your readers.

If you don’t want to pay for the stunning work I created for you, you can sign up for the Extra Draft Newsletter. Verify your account and I’ll send a link. Use it to download the printer-friendly version of the Character Interview, for free! There are also a lot of other benefits to signing up for the newsletter.

You never have to worry about spam, either. I only send the newsletter out once or twice per month (sometimes less), and only when there is something important you should know about. Once you sign up you’ll get the standard issues sent through the first week. You won’t hear from me again until there is something you must know about.

Ready to Start Writing Your Novel?

Let’s move on to the 5-Draft Method writing course. The entire course is now a read-along PDF with everything I can stuff into words from the video course itself. This monster guide book will be available for purchase from the Extra Draft shop once I get the final version back from the editors. I look forward to having that published and ready for you soon!

As for the video course itself, the 5-Draft Method is plodding along. The back end of the site is complete and waiting to host the course for you, and the videos are coming along quite well. Of course, there are bloopers to remove. As well as edits that need to be made, but if I can say so myself, this is going to be one hell of a writing course. You’re going to love it.

Or, Do You Want to Learn How to Work From Home?

I also have courses for freelance writers and work from home folks to help get you started without all the hoopla and shit other people are trying to sell you. You don’t need a whole lot to make money from your words or computer. I’ll show you the short-track to cash.

I have other plans to expand Extra Draft beyond these few courses and books, and as things develop I will keep you updated.

Here’s to 2020!

The new year is one of hope, ambition and if you are lucky, full of wealth and knowledge. No matter how you define them.

I wish you all nothing but the best in the days, weeks and months to come!

While I may be working at the stroke of midnight, I will raise a glass to all of you! Sending out my love and well wishes for a prosperous, adventurous and healthy 2020!

I will see you all next year!

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