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Take A Day Off Already!


A Day Off You Say? From the time we first pick up a pen and put words to blank pages, writers are ingrained with one overbearing, overwhelming and over-exaggerated rule: Write every day. We get it from writing classes, instructors, peers, articles online. We get it from conferences and our

Knowing Your Characters – Why I Do it and so Should You


What do I mean,  “Knowing Your Characters?” Have you ever watched a movie and cried when a character gave a long, emotional speech, or when two characters finally realize they are meant for each other and hug and kiss? Knowing your characters will give your readers these feelings, too. Have

When Characters Talk Back


When Characters Talk Back You spend hours, days, even weeks creating characters to walk the lives you give them in the stories you create. What happens when your characters talk back to you, though? Well, if you are like me you will most likely freak out. Just a tad. Maybe

Journal: Decoded, Online, Piece by Piece


Journal: Decoded – Now Online for FREE! But, there is a catch. Some of you may be aware that my novel, Journal: Decoded has been finished and finalized and edited and re-finished a few times over. Find Journal: Decoded Online over at Twitter! I will be doing a complete rewrite

Want to be a Better Writer? Name Your Characters


Characters aren’t just some random made-up beings that do our bidding. Okay, so they truly are. The problem is a lot of writers out there treat them as such. Doing so makes them unbelievable. Just like Tim in the office with the girlfriend no one has ever seen or met.

Setting a Scene


Setting the scene is as important as creating real-to-life characters. It is an art form and you are the artist. As an artist, we have a plethora of ways to interact with those that wish to be entertained. We act, we draw, we paint, we write, we tell stories or