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Beta Readers Read the Raw Words

The Importance of Beta Readers


Do You Need A Beta Reader? No. You Need a Team of Beta Readers! Games have testers, books have readers. The idea behind them is the same: find a problem before it’s sent out for the masses. Beta-readers are the heart and soul of any good book. Editors have their

Chapter Length Doesn't Matter

How Long Should A Chapter Be?


Chapter Length, Does it Matter? I ask myself this often. How long should a chapter be? Is there an optimal chapter length? The true answer is that there is no answer. The truth is realized when you understand… there is no spoon. (Random Matrix references are Gold). Honestly though, when

Word Count Goal

Creating Word Count Goals


Word Count Goals and How to Make Them It’s all around you as a writer: set your word count goals and stick to them. Writing goals, words per day goals, hours per session goals, and on and on and Scooby Doobie Doo. The question then, becomes which goals do I

Coffee at Night

Coffee At Night


Coffee at Night? Finding Out the Best Time to Write, for You When you write is almost as important as what you write. (okay, I use the term almost loosely) It may seem like a simple question to answer: When do you write? Stop and think about it though. Humans

Take a Day Off

Take A Day Off Already!


A Day Off You Say? From the time we first pick up a pen and put words to blank pages, writers are ingrained with one overbearing, overwhelming and over-exaggerated rule: Write every day. We get it from writing classes, instructors, peers, articles online. We get it from conferences and our

Know Your Characters

Knowing Your Characters – Why I Do it and so Should You


What do I mean,  “Knowing Your Characters?” Have you ever watched a movie and cried when a character gave a long, emotional speech, or when two characters finally realize they are meant for each other and hug and kiss? Knowing your characters will give your readers these feelings, too. Have
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