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Why Starting a Rough Draft Can be so Hard


It isn’t often that we give a whole lot of thought to our rough drafts. By the time we sit and start writing, we have so many other things on our minds that the actual draft becomes more of “just a step” instead of the fundamental building block it truly

Ending Scenes or Chapters – The Right Way


Ending scenes the right way can be tricky. There are certain rules that each chapter, or scene, should follow. I know this is counter-intuitive since writing really doesn’t have any rules but bear with me. The idea of a scene is to provide more information to the reader to keep

Who You Should Be Writing For


We write stories in a certain genre. We have a connection with a particular audience. Our readers are thought to be of a specific type, age range, nationality or any other aspect we deem we are writing our story to, or for. When writing the drafts, however, we shouldn’t focus

The Devil is in the Details


As a writer, we must decide how many details to include in our created worlds. Believe it or not, there is a fine line for most readers between too little and too much. Finding that perfect detail balance is what we will discuss this week. What Readers (Mostly) Expect Some

Overcoming The Dreaded Blank Page


If there is one thing that every single writer faces it is the blank page. We can’t help but come across it. Every new project starts the same way: a new, shiny, blank page. Sometimes, we writers sit there, staring at it for what seems like an eternity. How do

How You Can Earn $1 Million (Part Two)


As we continue to look at how your particular skills can earn you money, we also remind you to keep thinking in terms of larger numbers. Your mindset is more important than you realize. Did you miss the first post “How to Earn $1 Million?” Last week we discussed the