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Filming, Video Shoot and Newsletter Stuff


Good morning kids! Today is the day the course begins to take form! What’s going on? Filming! Let me tell you all about it: What IS Going On? Today I begin filming the video lessons that will guide you through writing your novel! That’s right! The actual course videos are

Extra Draft Master Class: The Details


The Extra Draft Master Class – What Exactly Is It? The Extra Draft (TED) is a master class I have developed teaching all writers (and readers) the in-depth writing method I have dubbed the “5-Draft Method.” You may have seen my 5-draft method on various platforms over the years including

This Blog Post Has Moved


The blog post titled “How Going Outside Will Make Your Book Better” was recently picked up as a guest blog post for Between The Lines. You can find the blog and all of it’s wonderful information on the BTL website by following this link: Read the Blog. I am proud

Why Do I Write?


I Don’t Write I don’t. It’s the simple truth. I don’t write screenplays and novels. I give life to them. It’s not merely putting pen to paper, I breathe life into a non-existent void. I expand realms of desire and practicality and push the void of predetermined physics. I don’t