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Freebie Friday is Dead

Freebie Friday is Dead


Freebie Friday, what was it? Where did it go? Why is it gone? What’s next? Here, I will explain the whole mindset and process behind Freebie Friday and why I killed it. What Was Freebie Friday? In the beginning, when Extra Draft was still a baby, I wanted to offer

How I Write Suspense

How I Write Suspense Scenes


How I write suspense scenes is to put myself there, in the moment. Suspense writing is a very delicate art form. When done correctly, the reader should be feeling a mix of emotions. Everything from fear and hatred to slight relief with a bit of worry. They should finish the

Fading Starlight by Samantha Heuwagen

Fading Starlight: One of Our Own Does it Again


Samantha Heuwagen is set to release the second book in her Starless Series. She stopped by to answer questions for the podcast, give you some insight into the book and to tell you all about the much-anticipated release of Book 2: Fading Starlight. Fading Starlight. Buy it NOW! The Starless

Write Every Day

Do You Have to Write Every Day?


There are a couple of adages running around the writer’s community. If you want to write better; read a lot. Also, if you want to write better, write a lot. Write every day. That is what they tell you. The elusive “they” seem to know everything. Are they right though?

Start a Rough Draft

Why Starting a Rough Draft Can be so Hard


It isn’t often that we give a whole lot of thought to our rough drafts. By the time we sit and start writing, we have so many other things on our minds that the actual draft becomes more of “just a step” instead of the fundamental building block it truly

The Ending

Ending Scenes or Chapters – The Right Way


Ending scenes the right way can be tricky. There are certain rules that each chapter, or scene, should follow. I know this is counter-intuitive since writing really doesn’t have any rules but bear with me. The idea of a scene is to provide more information to the reader to keep
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