The Meaning of Writhe

As we slide into darkness, I will remind you that the “My Writing” Category contains posts and sections that are more about me, at least on some level. By reading these posts, you can get a better glimpse into the man that is writing to you, why he writes, how he writes and, with any luck, you may find a few similarities that you share.

Now, shall we slide into darkness a bit together?

Low and behold, everyone ends up in a bad or terrible mood. Your humble narrator is no exception. I probably spend more time in the world of darkness and self-pity than I reasonably should.

Slide into Darkness
Sometimes the slide into darkness is more of a run. As long as you don’t get lost or stay too long, it can be a fun trip.

I pull myself out, eventually, but I have come to almost enjoy the trips to the pitiful side.

As a writer, I have always been drawn to the dark and sinister. Horror books and movies, tales of dread and death and above all… raw emotion.

In the Beginning…

I began writing poetry when I was a teenager. (Didn’t most of us?) I had a natural talent for it though. I could pump out poem after poem after poem. Being as I was bored in school, I wrote a lot of poetry there. In one of my English classes, the other students really took notice one day when I left my notebook behind and someone found it. Curiosity being what it was, they read it, then read it to their friends, and so on and so on and Scooby Dooby Doo.

The next day I was given my notebook back and asked to write a poem right then and there. So I did. I asked for a topic and I wrote. This impromptu writing became a daily tradition. After about a month, the other kids in class had written down topics for me to write about. So, I wrote.

The common thread though was that each poem I wrote was somehow twisted. They were dark and devious under the surface, even if they didn’t appear to be at first glance. There was always a tragedy, always death or mutilation or scarring or depression or loathing. Always something that took a little light away into the shadows.

We all Start Somewhere

It was this, I believe, that drew the other students into wanting more. Most, if not all, of us, have a morbid fascination with the “dark side” as it were. We all cheer when the bad guy dies, and sometimes when the good guy loses. We may cry when the lovers part without a kiss in the rain, but the thoughts of revenge quickly appear to push us into hoping the one who left gets his just desserts.

That is what I write. Pain. Agony. Loathing. Raw emotion. I strip away the beauty and leave you with what is real, what is true, and I expose it to you for what it really is. You, in turn, take it in, get a little shocked, perhaps a little frightened, and then you want more.

Truth in advertising, truth in general. You crave it. The only sure way to get it though is showing you exactly how dark the truth can be.

I want to make you writhe.

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