To Be Professional, or Just Kill People

Be a Published Pro or Be a Person Who Just Sits Around and Kills People?

That is the question, isn’t it? The published writing industry is all about who you know, or who knows you. What is a little boy from a small farm town in Texas going to do to get noticed in this world?

Answer: Whatever it takes.

Long Answer: Whatever it takes, within reason and without losing oneself.

Publish or Kill
Getting traditionally published is a milestone every writer should strive for.

The industry demands standards. Therefore, I have no problem with that. I can conform when needed as long as I am not being forced to do things I wouldn’t normally do on my own.

For example…

When I coached High School football, I was required to wear certain attire. Some of them I had a problem with (I don’t do well in ties), however, I was able to get around it by wearing the wind-breaker and coach’s polo combination. No tie, and still wearing what was required.

My Writing is My Passion

My writing is the same thing. I write suspense, horror and thriller and I kill people. I kill old people and children. It’s just how it is. Sure, I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I have no apologies. I don’t read romance novels. There, we are even.

The problem I am facing, though, is getting that first fish on the hook. I don’t know anyone in the industry and I do not want to self publish. Sorry, that won’t happen with a major novel. That isn’t the same and I wouldn’t be comfortable doing that on my own.

I Will Make it Happen

Sign the published contract
The right deal is out there for you, too. Work hard, and stop looking for the instant gratification.

I want to be represented and published. In addition, I want to do it the traditional way. I have high aspirations and an amazing support system and I will get what I want. Some how. Some way.  The only way I know how: Write amazing books.

Just like my websites that have amassed over 17 million visitors, if you have great content, great work, and attention to the consumer, they will come around.

That’s all I need. I need the industry to come around. Until that time, I will be here, pushing out wheelbarrows full of words and doing it in my style, my way and making it amazing. It’s the only way I know.

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